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Quality and integrity

From us of D.F.L you can wait nothing less then commitment to your projects.

Nothing is more worth then the satisfaction of our customers and that is why we never left a house before the result be what the client expected.

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Where we are

We are based at New Jersey, so we can attend for all over NJ state, the southeastern of Pennsylvania, and south of New York.

CONTACT US to find out if we can go to you and make a free estimate for your project.

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Our Services

Our services goes far beyond of only painting. We can remodel your house in the way that you need.

Also, if you want to take a look of our work, go to our GALLERY and see some of ours finished jobs.

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D.F.L Painting & Remodeling

D.F.L wants you to know that when you hire us, you are never loosing your money. The result is what makes the difference in our jobs and does not leave the customers unsatisfied. We do our best to make you feel confortable on your house with a new look on your property, from inside to outside. Also, if you need to make your house looking like brand new to sell it, we can make it! So that, you can find a buyer faster and sell it for a good price due to the how amazing the residence looks.

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Commitment and dedication

We are a family business with years of experience. Our customers became our friends because they saw the reliability we pass on to them. This gave/still give us indications and compliments for others customers that when we meet them, the treatment is always the same: showing honesty, loyalty for your project, commitment and hearing what they want to give them the satisfaction of an outstanding job in the end.

If you need more informations, TELL US any doubts that you have. We will return you ASAP with the answers that you are waiting for.

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